White Label PPC Services

white-label-ppcLooking for White Label PPC Management services?

At PPC Gems, we specialize in delivering on the PPC Management Outsourcing needs of Agencies.

Our services are quality oriented and an asset to have for any agency that needs outsourced / private labeled pay-per-click management services.

Along with helping to maintain existing campaigns, our team of Paid Search / Display / Remarketing / Shopping experts are always at hand to brainstorm and arrive at opportunities for growth for your clients accounts.

The paid promotion channels we help manage for Agency clients consist of Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads.

Our white label ppc management service offers:

  1.  Working as per specific goals / targets of each your clients.
  2.  Delivering timely status and performance reports (reports that are un-branded or carrying your brand delivered to you.)
  3.  Providing a detailed list of tasks performed (along with the timed reports.)
  4.  Using ‘Paid’ VPN services for security and location based IP’s in logs.
  5.  Having a single point of contact for hassle-free communication (communication with your Agency Manager only, we do not participate in meetings with your clients.)
  6.  Google Adwords Certified professionals.
  7.  Bing Ads Certified professionals.
  8.  Google Analytics Certified professionals.
  9.  VERY Affordable Pricing.

Customized for YOU!

All our White Label Label Management PPC services are 100% customized to suit the needs and requirements of your clients.  The level of customization is also carried forward to implementing your specific rules / method of working (if any.)   The core of this service is in the fact that we work as an extension of your current in-house practices while also providing exceptional ppc management skills to help deliver better results for your clients.

We ALWAYS remain invisible to Your Clients

At no time do we enter in to any direct communication with your clients.  All discussion with your clients are done by your representatives and we do not take part in the meetings.   All reports submitted by us are with your business branding (if needed) or with no branding at all.

White Label PPC Charges / Pricing

We are open to working on any of the following methods of charging for the services:

  • Fixed monthly charges,
  • Percentage (%) of monthly ad-spend,
  • Hourly rate.

We do not need any minimum length of contract terms.

No minimum/maximum PPC Account size

Our ppc team works on a whole range of PPC accounts that span different levels of budgets and volumes.  Whatever, the size of your clients ppc account, we welcome it and give it all our attention.

No PPC account is considered too big or too small by us.

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