‘Shop the Look’ experience launched by Google

Google is rolling out a new ‘Shop the Look‘ experience that can greatly influence the performance of shopping campaigns for brands and retailers within the apparels and home decor segments.

The feature by itself appears to be mainly utilizing image recognition and effectively porting it to match with product images offered by e-commerce stores in their merchant account feed.

This can be a very good option, because what better way for fans and followers of fashion / trends to shop for fashion and home decor accessories than to search directly from pictures/images that appeal to them.

Giving more details in their Inside Adwords blog post, the launch is currently being done for US audience on mobile devices.  But from recent past experiences with new limited launch experiments and their subsequently being made open to worldwide advertisers real quickly, it would be a very good gift from Google.  All this, just in time for the holidays too!

For now if you are a selling to a US audience, you just need to setup a shopping campaign for your products.  If you already have a shopping campaign going, then you should already be set.

Related performance details and reporting for impressions, click’s, conversions, etc. would be within the shopping campaign itself.

Important though is to make sure you are optimizing for mobile devices as this is where these the Shop the Look feature is going to show.


Thoughts that follow:

  • Facebook, Bing, Instagram … when do you launch a similar feature?
  • Bloggers, Vloggers, Photologgers … could a similar feature be launched for adsense that you can gain by?
  • Google … what if we search for a celebrity … would the Shop the Look experience be triggered? If yes … WOW!
  • Retailers and Brands … does this reinforce the need to have clear product photos from multiple angles/viewpoints?


Interesting facts shared by Google in the above mentioned blog post:

  • Ninety percent of smartphone users say they aren’t absolutely sure of the specific brand they want to buy when they begin shopping (Consumers in the Micro-Moment, Wave 3, Google/Ipsos, U.S., August 2015, n=1291 online smartphone users 18+)
  • Nearly half of US readers consult blogs to find new trends and ideas (AdWeek, Why Influencer Marketing is the New Content King, April, 2015)

(images credit: Inside Adwords blog post by Google)