Small Business PPC Management Service

At PPC Gems, we deliver Small Business PPC Management Services  to help many small / regional businesses in increasing footfall / leads / orders from their ppc campaigns.

We currently manage local ppc campaigns on:

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Which PPC Ad networks are best for local business?

Long story short – It is different for each local business!

This is where we come in.  As experts in Small Business PPC, we brainstorm with and help each of our clients to identify growth opportunities on each of the ad networks.

Once a customized ppc plan has been created and agreed upon, we begin campaign planning and setup in line with the same.

Our Small Business PPC Services deliver:

  • Market Research,
  • Competitors Research,
  • Current Digital Marketing Analysis of the Business,
  • Brainstorming and Creation of  a custom PPC Marketing Plan,
  • PPC Campaigns Creation,
  • PPC Campaigns Management and optimization,
  • Weekly / Monthly reporting of the PPC Campaigns.

Local Business PPC

Trust us when we say that local ppc can be one of the major contributors to the leads, walk-ins, and growth of a local small business.  Local Business PPC along with the quality of your products/services can help create a solid growth formula for your local business.

Regional Business PPC for Multiple Business Locations

Does your local business have multiple business locations?  We can help plan, setup, and manage your regional ppc campaigns for each of those locations.  We are doing it for multiple business location clients already, and know exactly what you need.

Whether you need Small Business PPC management, Local PPC campaigns, or Regional PPC campaigns spanning multiple locations, we at PPC Gems can help research, plan, setup, and optimize these for you.

Let’s us be your Growth Partners!

Discuss your ppc management needs with us: